Trail of Terrors–2021 season is over.

WARNING — Many haunts oversold tickets online AND EVEN TIMED TICKETING tickets were oversold in 2021. We heard many reports of this new abuse of customers this year. People would buy 11pm timed ticketing slots online THEN STILL WAIT TILL AFTER MIDNIGHT TO GET INTO the haunt elsewhere. Haunts oversold by taking all the buy at ticket booth on site people AND timed ticketing. Buying online works great for concerts, plays movies where thousands are seated for one show. But it is an abuse of customers when only so many can enter every minute. OR when they oversell they simply conga line you through the haunt and the actor jumps out at group 10 people ahead of you. THIS IS BESTMAZE – TRAIL OF TERROR ; we do not abuse customers like that.

Tickets $20 -cash only at ticket booth. You can upgrade to a combo ticket for maze &Trail of Terror for $25. Or add fastpass for $5.

Friday nights & Sat nights we sell Trail of Terror tickets till 10:30. Sunday nights we sell Trail of Terror tickets till 9 pm. (Combo tickets that include the non-haunted maze as well stop selling at 9:30 Fri & Sat nights; and at 8 pm on Sundays)

We have added a lot of new scenes for 2021. And extended the trail!

Was the haunt you went to in early 2021 season lacking a lot of actors? Many haunts are desperate for actors and severely lacking actors for 2021. Some down 50%! We have full lineup of actors; but we have always been paying actors well above what other haunts do and our main crew has jelled into a family. We do things right and treat actors right as well. Except T.J. or Matt…we abuse them… but they keep coming back for more. think you want to join Bestmaze’s Trail of Terror crew? Leave name and number at ticket booth when you come out.