CORN MAZE 2021 – Fairy Tales! Sept 24 -Oct 31

Start out in Cinderella’s pumpkin coach and head to the castle. Find you way around the castle and courtyard then back into the castle before heading off to Neverland . Find your way to the Indian Camp then off to find Captain Hooks pirate ship. You will have to find the fairy dust so you can fly through the clouds to reach the ship. After flying to the pirate ship and climbing around the sails and rigging the Lost Boys have one last surprise for you. You must navigate the forest of circles. Expect your adventure to take 45 minutes to 1.5 hours. Optional signed exits for shorter routes occur every 15 minutes or so.

Bestmaze celebrates our 21st anniversary this year!

A lot has changed since we first opened 21 years ago with the name Maze-n-Market. Customers kept telling us to change our name to Best Maze. So we soon did and Bestmaze Corn Maze became our new name. People loved the intricate maze flow; drainage tile that keeps field dry even after a rain, and OPTIONAL assistance from people in towers. (see our facebook page and the video showing trails after a heavy rain) We have been chosen as central Michigan’s favorite maze many times. In 2019 we were 97.5 FM listeners favorite maze and we also topped a tv stations list taking more votes than the other 6 mazes combined. THANK YOU for the honor!

Afterwards grab some cider and donuts and tailgate back at your ca


PLEASE NOTICE: The forest of circles made maze bigger this year. THAT PART OF MAZE WILL ONLY BE AVAILABLE ON SATURDAYS AND SUNDAYS TILL 6PM We will shut off that part of maze at 6 pm sharp. You will be able to do all the rest of the maze at all other times and still let people in well after dark. That part of maze is too close to our haunted trail and need to shut that part down after 6 pm.