Corn Maze




Don’t let the theme fool you; this is a large maze designed for adults as well. We have several signed options that direct you “to” or “bypassing around” subsections of maze -decide as you go how long a tour you want.

MAZE ADMISSION ***CASH ONLY*** (FREE PARKING) $8 per person, 4-10 people $7 each. Age 4 and under free.  NO PETS.  We sell a combo ticket for $20 that covers the maze and Trail of Terror.  Groups:  call 517 521-2378 for group rates. (no group rates on Trail of Terror…we are best value of any haunt around already).  Boy Scouts/ Girl Scouts/ Youth groups get a discount for any size group. Discounts for groups are better early in season. Last 3 Fridays and Saturdays of October are very busy – please schedule earlier for a better discount.

We also have four towers overlooking the whole maze if you need help. The towers do not help you unless you ask. PLUS WE NOW HAVE FOOD ON SITE!

We hear all the time “We do not want a flashlight; we want to make it harder to do”. These groups end up taking the OPTIONAL shortcut because they can’t read the sign. These groups usually end up doing the “sissy routes” and bypass the adventure they want. BRING A FLASHLIGHT & only use it to read the signs if you want.

We have a concession stand and restroom on site. We will have donuts, cider, water, and well known soft drinks.

Best Maze Ad

Why the name – Bestmaze? Our customers told us to change our name to Bestmaze.  Our trails are designed to keep your group all going in the same direction where you will be out of each others sight for a few minutes (several times)- not the whole night.  The trails are groomed to shed rain and the whole maze had an underground drainage system put in.  You can still enjoy Bestmaze when others are a giant mud bog.  Our towers are the biggest reason; people like the optional help from above.  Don’t let Mr. Macho steer you to another maze because they don’t want to go where there are “sissy helpers”.  The maze is complex and the towers are just an OPTION IF YOU ASK FOR HELP; they do not help you automatically. 

CAUTION – there are some so called corn mazes around that merely knock corn stalks down with a tractor to make the paths – and you end up tripping on them the whole time – we hand rake all our trails smooth after removing the corn.

Open Sept. 14 – Nov. 3  2018.  Enter maze Fridays 6:00 – 10:00, Saturdays 1-10 and Sundays 1:00 – 8:00.


Some youth leaders have gone through our Trail of Terror…checking it out…and then brought their group later to our maze and many even to our Trail of Terror. Our Trail of Terror is done more along the lines of Sci-fi monsters and famous villains. There are no demons or devils as part of our production. Buzz Barr the youth leader from Greater Lansing First Assembly has been here before with his highschool/college group a couple times…they come for the Trail of Terror as much as the maze! The maze & Trail of Terror are on separate sides of the field and your youth will not come into contact with events on Trail of Terror by doing the maze. They may however catch a glimpse of our theme park quality monsters.


Bestmaze is located 20 miles east of Lansing just off Interstate 96.

GET CUSTOM MAP & DIRECTIONS FROM YOUR HOUSE. Go to and enter 3803 Noble Rd. Williamston MI 48895 as destination.

From Lansing: Take I-96 east to EXIT 122 (M-52/ Stockbridge exit). Turn right and go about 200 feet to Noble Rd. Turn right on Noble and go about 1 mile west. Bestmaze will be on the right (north) side of road – 3803 Noble Rd.

From Detroit: Take I-96 west to Exit 122 (M-52/ Stockbridge exit). Turn left and you will go underneath the expressway. Look for Noble road about 200 feet past the exit ramp from east bound expressway traffic. CAUTION – Noble Road is very close to east bound ramps – many people miss it. Turn right on Noble Rd. and go about 1 mile west to maze. Maze will be on the right (north) side of road.

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