Sept 16 -Oct.30

New for 2022 a phone app “the fog”. Scan a QR code with your phone JUST AFTER YOU ENTER THE MAZE. This will put the maze map on your phone but it will be “covered in fog”. As you travel down a path the fog on your phone will vanish where ever you go. A NEW MAZE APP EXCLUSIVELY AT BESTMAZE (Not sold to other mazes within an hour radius of Bestmaze)

FOR THIS FALL: Start out in the Viking Long Ship and head to out on your quest. The dragons head adorns the bow of the ship and the sails are set to take you on your adventure. Find you way around the maze then find the Raven perched at the top the maze,and then more maze. Then find your way around the Viking’s helmet, face and beard. The navigate around his sword and shield. Next you will find your way into the Valknut – the three interlocking triangles. It is believed this symbol was used in a warriors death and the word means a “knot of slain warriors”. They believed a warrior killed in battle who fought bravely would be taken to Valhalla where they would dine and make merriment with Odin; their god of war. “Fear not death men, for if we die in battle today; we dine with Odin tonight!” After navigating the three interlocking triangles you will find Thor’s hammer and finish your quest. Expect your adventure to take 45 minutes to 1 hour. Optional signed exits for shorter routes occur every 15 minutes or so.

Bestmaze celebrates our 22nd anniversary this year! Come visit while you still have a chance to experience the Bestmaze way of doing a corn maze.

A lot has changed since we first opened 22 years ago with the name Maze-n-Market. Customers kept telling us to change our name to Best Maze. So we soon did and Bestmaze Corn Maze became our new name. People loved the intricate maze flow; drainage tile that keeps field dry even after a rain, and OPTIONAL assistance from people in towers. (see our facebook page and the video showing trails after a heavy rain) We have been chosen as central Michigan’s favorite maze many times. In 2019 we were 97.5 FM listeners favorite maze and we also topped a tv stations list taking more votes than the other 6 mazes combined. THANK YOU for the honor!

Afterwards grab some cider and donuts and tailgate back at your car


BESTMAZE II – Since we must close up the original location of Bestmaze for a pipeline; we have now found a likely location of Bestmaze II for 2023. Cottage Gardens in Lansing (south side of Lansing in the country) is prepping area for parking lots for next year now. They want to carry on the Bestmaze tradition of attention to detail and superior maze flow and maze trail care. The owner and designer of Bestmaze for the last 22 years will design and install a maze there next year it is believed. We believe our customers will receive the same attention to service and detail there. A brother of Bestmaze designer worked there for years and we are familiar with their integrity. Come out this fall and say farewell to the original Bestmaze as we celebrate 22 years in a sendoff party. Trail of Terror will not be going there, but come back here in 2024 we believe.

PHOTO BELOW IS FROM 2021, the 2022 picture will be coming in the week the maze opens.