Bestmaze 2022

Sept 25th 2:30 pm update: We opened today at 1 pm. HOWEVER, we can not allow wheelchairs or strollers or people on crutches in the maze today due to overnight rains. DO NOT LET THAT SCARE YOU AWAY< IT IS NOT MUDDY. Trails are fine for walking but we cant groove the trails with narrow tires today; that will then collect water in next rain event. Yesterday was actually a great day though many saw 30% chance of rain and dark skies and stayed away. That was a huge mistake; it was a FANTASTIC day for the maze. Today is SMALL crowds again because forecast was for scattered rain. Well we got a very small cell of drizzle at opening and nothing since. AND looking at radar nothing seems to be headed our way but going mostly south of us. So though you got hit hard in Mason today and Lansing; come on out. People on towers are needing someone to keep them occupied. Bring a light rain coat as your fall jacket and enjoy a very low crowd day. Or….stand in line at ticket booth in 3 weeks for half an hour. Or enjoy the snowflakes the last week of October. We close ticket sales at 8 pm on Sunday nights unless it gets crazy and some huge rain pops up out of nowhere. Update again at 5:30 pm

HUGE ANNOUNCEMENT: This will be the final year for Mid Michigan’s favorite corn maze after 22 years of operation. We will open this year Friday night Sept. 16th and run until Oct. 30, 2022.

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After this season, next summer in 2023 there will be a new cross state pipeline project tearing a 14 foot wide trench; 8 feet deep for over one mile across our farm; taking out 72 parking spaces next year. SO COME OUT THIS YEAR! This is your last chance to experience BESTMAZE quality groomed trails and design of maze flow. The parking lot will be unusable in 2023 and 2024 so this fall is likely our last season.

We are hearing of many who have been here several times making an extra effort to come this fall for one last hurrah!

It is sad to see the end come to 22 years of work and dedication. So when you come this fall for that final quest, please excuse the tear that might form in our eye when talking to us about how you brought your kids here, and they now bring your grand kids here. We have many many memories over the years, and our intention is to make this the best year ever.

ALSO NEW FOR 2022: Follow your progress through the maze on your phone. The map on your phone will be hidden in fog. But as you travel the maze the fog will lift where you have walked revealing those paths. It will not reveal paths ahead of you until you walk down them. 2022….the best year ever to go to Bestmaze and celebrate 22 years of mid Michigans favorite maze.

Also new for 2022: We have another farm who has brought in a wagon load of pumpkins

and will restock them every week. These are not our pumpkins but there is a self pay cash box on the wagon emptied daily. So bring extra cash for the pumpkins. Prices range from $1 – $15.

Flashback :Monday Nov. 1st 2021 —–Had to apologize to a lady who was at the maze tonight. She ranted she was upset about condition of the trails. ( We had 13″ of rain here in this part of Ingham County this October) “I was expecting muddy trails and was wanting a workout! Your trails are perfect! It was a beautiful leisurely walk on a beautiful night. So now I have to wake up early tomorrow to exercise for my workout.” BESTMAZE…..WHERE WE GET CHEWED OUT FOR HAVING PERFECT CONDITION TRAILS IN WETTEST OCTOBER EVER LOL!


( 2022 picture coming soon) 2021 : FAIRY TALES! Take Cinderella’s coach to the ball. Then it is off to Neverland to find Captain Hook’s ship. Fly down from the clouds and rising moon to board the bow of the ship; then climb the rigging and escape off the back of the ship. Then before exiting the maze you must navigate the forest of circles.