Calendar & Ticket Prices 2021

Bestmaze Corn Maze Sept 24. -Oct 31

Trail of Terror Oct. 1 -31


Maze Ticket Hours – Fridays: 6-10 pm , Saturdays: 1-10 pm, Sundays: 1-8 pm

HOT TIP! If only doing the maze arrive before 5 pm On Saturdays & Sundays. Maze is better in daylight. Designer has purposely designed it to be able to see lots of options in daylight that suck you into the maze. You do not get that effect after dark! AND if you have your ticket before 5pm; Butterfinger has donated thousands of candy bars to distribute FREE to daylight maze walkers.

MAZE TICKETS $7….age 4 and under are free.

Trail of Terror Ticket Hours Fri & Sat till 10:30 pm & last 3 Sunday night of Oct till 9pm Tickets $20


MAZE AND TRAIL OF TERRORS COMBO :$25 Sold till 9:30pm on Fri & Sat nights ; and until 8 pm last 3 Sundays in Oct.

HOT TIP! Arrive at 6pm on Fridays and 5:30 pm on Saturdays (or last three Sundays of Oct) and buy combo ticket. Do the maze in daylight YES DAYLIGHT! Maze designer knows maze is better in daylight. You can see many more options farther away in daylight and let the maze suck you into it. After dark people just wander around turning corners. Let the maze designers expertise lure you around in daylight. Then after finishing the maze do TRAIL OF TERRORS AFTER DARK