Bestmaze 2021

UPDATE SEPT 24 2021. Maze opens tonight at 6pm. Trails are good condition with our drainage system but we can not let strollers, wheel chairs or any wheeled device in this weekend. Those will have to wait until trails become harder packed.

Google review: Bestmaze Corn Maze -***** 5 stars -“First time ever at a corn maze and it did not disappoint! It was challenging but not too hard that we needed to ask for help or wanted to quit. The maze paths were clear of rocks and anything that would pose a mobility issue. We also did the trail of terror and that was super fun as well. Actors did a really good job following COVID guidelines and staying a good distance but still giving a good jump scare. Our group met the maze designer and he was super friendly and passionate about what he does. Great experience overall. Will be visiting next year!”

TRAIL OF TERROR HUGE SUCCESS FOR 2020! We had a LOT of new people come out who had their normal haunt location they go to close for 2020. STRONGLY ENCOURAGE TO COME EARLY OCT. IN 2021 -while lines shorter. We heard over and over and over “We are coming here from now on!” SINCE SO MANY NEW CUSTOMERS TRIED US OUT THIS YEAR AND SAY THEY ARE COMING HERE FROM NOW ON…lines end of Oct. will be longer! While many normal customers of ours stayed away due to Covid, other places being closed kept us busy. AND NEXT YEAR..OUR NORMAL CUSTOMERS RETURNING AFTER A YEAR OFF; PLUS THE NEW CONVERTS WHO FOUND US THIS YEAR ….we will be busy! COME EARLY SEASON in 2021!!! Memorable quotes from last night : “

This is SO MUCH BETTER than the hay ride we normally do!

“Oh my goodness; I had no idea a haunt in a farm field could be SO MUCH BETTER than a haunt in a building; we will be back next year and bring all our friends this place rocks!”

“Farm haunts are always lame; but WOW you disproved that!”


2021 : FAIRY TALES! Take Cinderella’s coach to the ball. Then it is off to Neverland to find Captain Hook’s ship. Fly down from the clouds and rising moon to board the bow of the ship; then climb the rigging and escape off the back of the ship. Then before exiting the maze you must navigate the forest of circles.