Trail of Terrors

: Fri & Sat nights after dark selling tickets till 10:30 pm Tickets $20 Maze and Trail of Terrors Combo ticket $25 (sold till 9:30)

LAST 2 NIGHTS FOR 2020 – OCT. 30 & 31!

Trail is open and actors are raring to go. Have done extensive revamping for Covid and had to come up with a new style of scaring for some parts. Oh; that noise that woke you a few weeks back…..sorry. That was one of haunt crew talking to you in your sleep; then tripping as he snuck out of your house. Thanks to those of you who answered back in your sleep about darkest fears. We used that info to revamp the haunted trail. Still have lots of actors and animatronics and great scenes. Oh and that sock you couldn’t find the next day…..we have it. You can come claim it off the witches clothesline if you wish.

Are you nervous about trying Trail of Terrors? It can be an intense experience. But when 2020 hands you lemons….enjoy the lemonade. Hopefully this year will be your only chance to experience Trail of Terrors when the actors have to stay back a little farther. We hope to be breathing down the back of your neck close and personal again in 2021. THIS IS YOUR YEAR IF YOU ARE A LITTLE TIMID; you get to sneak by us 6 feet away. Oh but we will take full advantage of having your group out there alone in the dark on that path through 10 foot tall corn. Been here many times before and love Trail of Terrors…don’t skip 2020!! We have done a lot of extra work thinking outside the coffin to keep your experience to the level you have come to expect here.