Bestmaze 2020

Thursday Oct. 29 update. Weather looks great but cool for Fri. & Sat. and now Sundays forecast is only slight chance of rain.

We were looking to add “Trick or Treating” to the non haunted corn maze. We have decided We will have candy available Sat. & Sun 1-5 pm or while supplies last to first 500 kids (We might not get 500 in total… maze designer might get a piece). While in no way should this be considered a spot where “oodles of candy” can be gathered like a “Trunk or Treat” or traditional “Trick or Treat” a few pieces of candy will be available as kids exit the maze — (no candy wrappers accidentally dropped in maze that way) . Distribution will likely be by picking up off of tables, and select 1 choice at each table. Tables that can be routinely wiped down and sanitized and likely attendant with tongs will hand out the selections. This is just an added treat since Halloween has been made so different for kids this year. ALREADY INTEREST IN EXPANDING THIS NEXT YEAR. And a special wine tasting event for adults next Sept. is being looked at.

How do we spot “first timers” at Bestmaze who have gone to other mazes before? Well lots of people showed up wearing mud boots this last weekend. So we made announcement here and on facebook to wear comfortable shoes! Even after over 2 1/2 inches of rain we had no mud puddles or mud bog. We take care of our trails that much. We are not the muddy maze many are accustomed to elsewhere. The stories you hear of shoes coming off in mud do not come from here. Our 5 miles of underground drainage tile are a HUGE part of why our maze is mid Michigan’s favorite maze. We grade and hand rake all of our trails so they shed water and are hard packed. People told us to change our name to Bestmaze when we opened 20 years ago…so we did!

ADDED DATES Thursday Oct. 29 we have groups coming at 7 pm. We will let general public into the maze between 7:15 PM and 7:40 PM. This is the non haunted side of field.

Ignore all the arrows. Maze WAS set up as 4 separate mazes BUT IT ALL FLOWS TOGETHER. You can go from yellow zone directly into black zone, then, red zone and white zone without exiting. You can exit at the end of each colored zone as well if you wish. You have the option to skip red area all together for a shorter trip if young children are getting tired. WE HAVE PEOPLE ON TOWERS AND PATROLLING ON FOOT THAT GIVE OPTIONAL HELP IF ASKED FOR.

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