Comment from customer opening weekend 2019 – ” “We are from Utah and we have done a LOT of corn mazes. This is the best one we have ever been to.”

Sunday Sept 22 Update: Overnight rains missed us. We might get rain this afternoon; but system is sliding to north of us and looks like we will get lucky again today. Check back here today as we will post trail conditions updates IF NECESSARY. See our video on facebook of our trails after a heavy downpour. Our trails are not muddy after a rain. We groom trails and have underground drain tiles throughout the maze! OUR CORN IS IN FANTASTIC SHAPE! Even taller than last year!

Thank you to our customers who spread the word about Bestmaze & Trail of Terror; word of mouth is what makes this place go even in bad weather!  Those who spread our reputation around the country so we have people calling from a days drive away to come here mean a lot to us.    Word of mouth is better than any ad or any exposure we get from television shows!

Bestmaze the one you’ve heard about!

Laugh in the corn maze… OR …Scream on the SEPARTE Trail of Terror.

Two totally different events from same parking lot just one mile from I-96.  Something for everyone.


The premier maze in Michigan for 18 years.   Timid and afraid you will spend hours lost?  We have security towers and patrols whenever you need assistance.   Want help?..just ask one of the tower assistants and they will point you in correct direction.  (If they see all you are trying to do is “beat your friends through then sorry)  The maze is designed to be fun!  Not typical boring block pattern of a lot of mazes, nor “the giant elegant picture” long boring path designs so common today.   Our maze design is designed FOR YOUR ENJOYMENT. It throws your party back together; not sending people different directions at start so all you do is holler trying to locate each other or your lost child!  Signed optional exits and shortcuts. Trails and drainage systems designed for rain. Wheelchairs when dry.


No pets. Cash only. Free onsite parking with security.


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