or scream monster

Trail of Terrors 2019 is open Sept 27- Nov. 2nd. Fri & Sat nights after dark PLUS last 2 Sun.nights of October.


serpentor scream monster

NEW SCENES FOR 2019 ! AND WE ARE ADDING THE LAST TWO SUNDAY NIGHTS OF OCTOBER THIS YEAR! Word of mouth is driving up demand; and we do not want to rush people through and WILL NEVER conga line you like they do in big cities! So we are adding nights.

Trail opens at dusk (7:45 first weekend and by 7:00pm last two weeks). Tickets $20 sell till 10:30pm SHARP DON’T BE LATE. AND IN 2019 the last 2 Sunday nights of October we will sell haunt tickets till 9 pm. Visit us first then go to other haunts open later. Combo ticket that includes the corn maze are $25 sells till 9:30 pm. “Trail of Terror” is open every Friday & Saturday night Sept. 27 – Nov. 2. Absolutely no young kids carried in arms by parents! GOING TO ANOTHER HAUNT AS WELL??? COME HERE FIRST as we close ticket sales at 10:30 sharp. Highly recommend coming on a Friday if possible…lines are shorter than Sat. nights. The vortex tunnel also known as a black hole is here to stay. A 20 foot long tube you walk through as it spins around you. You walk along a raised bridge through the tunnel, the spinning stars swirl around you disorienting you.

It is a trail over 1/2 mile long winding through the corn with turns, fog, strobe lights, shacks, spinning vortex tunnel, and more. Corey Rubino of Lansing says “It is better than any haunted hayride around – it is more fun to run away for a second then be hauled past stuff on a lame wagon” He has been to many other Michigan haunts and will be coming back here!

The pictures you see are of our two 17 foot tall animated monsters FROM 2008*…they are theme park quality with movement & sound. These are first rate props from the leader in haunted props – not garage made junk. A&E Television did a documentary on the making of these props of ours they are so good. Come see the new ones.

For those who do not like the scary stuff: The regular corn maze will still be available on the other side of same field with no scary people in it. Maze entrance runs every Friday 6-10 pm and every Sat 1 -10 pm and Sunday from 1 – 8 pm.

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Worth the drive!
SEPT. 27 – Nov. 2

Corn Maze ENTER Hours: You will have an hour or more to complete maze after last ticket entrance times.
Fridays: 6-10 pm
Saturdays: 1-10 pm
Sundays: 1-8 pm
Maze tickets $7 each ; call fro group rates 10+.
Trail of Terror:
Fridays and Saturdays tickets sold till 10:30 pm on site. AND last 2 Sundays of Oct. till 9 pm $20 for haunt area tickets or combo with corn maze is $25.

3803 Noble Road
Williamston, MI 48895

Cider and Donuts r> Group Discounts (517) 521-2378
Age 4 and under FREE
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Sun. Sept 30 update Maze opens at 1 pm today. Chance of rain later today. We will update throughout the day here; but looks good for 1 pm opening. Click picture to see whole field view. Bestmaze – the maze with groomed trails; underground drainage, and OPTIONAL help from towers.
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