The maze trails will be in good condition without mud today! The trails are hard packed and field has drainage tile under the whole thing. Maze prices: 1-3 $8/person; 4-10 $7/person; 10-30 $6/person. (The $7 and $6 rate is when one person pays for their group and we do not make change for everyone) cash only. Separate Trail of Terror (opens 7 pm) is $15 or a combo with maze included is $20. If doing the maze and not doing the separate haunted trail; Saturday during the day and Sunday are great options for smaller crowds! Maze sells tickets till 10pm Sat. Trail of Terror sells tickets till 10:30 PM. If doing both the maze and Trail of Terror be here by 9:00pm please.

Come get lost in the corn!


2016 map Our 2016 season opens Sept 16 for the corn maze and Sept 30 for the separate haunted Trail of Terror! Thank you to our customers who spread the word about Bestmaze & Trail of Terror; word of mouth is what makes this place go even in bad weather!¬†¬†Those who spread our reputation around […]