Bestmaze 2022

WE ARE CLOSED HALLOWEEN . Last day was Sunday Oct 30.


Bestmaze II near Lansing in 2023! Bestmaze III to the east of us.

BESTMAZE II & BESTMAZE III at different location(s) in 2023! So you have heard we are losing too much parking to a pipeline in 2023 for 2 years and owners have new health issues so Bestmaze in Williamston is shutting down for ever and only Trail of Terror will return here in 2023 or 2024. We simply will not have enough parking to operate both Bestmaze and Trail of Terror the next few years. And we need to eliminate a huge burden of hand raking 3 miles of trails every summer for the maze and the huge task of running a maze, a haunted attraction and a farm each fall. Three separate businesses is too much now. SO BESTMAZE II WILL BE AT COTTAGE GARDENS IN LANSING NEXT YEAR! Bestmaze III is not definite yet but could be in Webberville, Fowlerville, or Howell (or elsewhere) next year. We have talked with several interested parties in becoming Bestmaze III. Taking a poll we found out people who come here would go to two different corn mazes each year if they were designed by Bestmaze. The Bestmaze designer who designed Bestmaze for 22 years would design these new locations every year. The new owners will run the maze, we will design and install the mazes and cut a huge burden from ourselves of operating a maze in the fall. THEY WILL BE SAME QUALITY YOU HAVE COME TO LOVE FOR 22 YEARS! MORE INFO HERE LATER. Be sure to check back here NEXT FALL for new locations! Comment from customer today on our facebook page “My family drives from the Flint area to do Bestmaze every year. We would totally make that drive twice or even 3 times to go to other mazes with the Bestmaze quality¬†❤️😍

AS WE CLOSE OUT BESTMAZE OF WILLIAMSTON; A SPECAIL THANK YOU: Thank you to all those customers our first year who spread the word. And a special tip of the hat to the dozens who told us to change our name from Maze-n-Market to Best Corn Maze. So we changed to Bestmaze Corn Maze. To all our customers, some coming for 1 or two decades….thanks for the great times and your support. You will be in good hands next year at Cottage Gardens. And the Bestmaze designer needs to thank our fantastic crew over the years. It takes dedication to sit on a tower in cold wind while overlooking hundreds of people out having a great time while you are cold up on a tower. The parking lot crew, and ticket booth crew made the place hum along in a well organised fashion even on nights we were swamped. And then there is the haunt crew. The maze has had a great reputation. But when a haunt crew can take a corn field and a few shacks and we here all night long how this haunt is so much better than the big ones in Detroit or elsewhere….that is not the facility … is the crew that does that. And I was proud the day I saw my daughters wedding invite list and our crew was listed under “family” not “friends”. The crew did become and will remain family to us. And the maze designer needs to do a special thank you to his wife who put up with being tied to the maze for 22 years and a special thanks to my 80 year old father who let me run with the crazy idea of putting in a corn maze. I can still hear his voice 23 years ago when I first said I was putting in a corn maze. “You are going to do what?” He has spent MANY hours in the ticket booth the last 22 years as well as chase cider and donuts . And my wife has been a ticket taker/rule giver as well a prepare meals for those here all day . None of this would have ever been possible without these two.

Thank you everyone;

Mark Benjamin -Bestmaze designer….and trail raker.