Welcome Corn Maze Explorers!

UPDATE - Post 2014 season

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T This winter check out the Potter Park Zoo Wonderland of lights on weekends after dark till Christmas. We will be sponsoring a tree there and decorate it. We are working on our 2015 theme now. Those of you who registered for our email updates will get first notice of that next summer.

Best designed maze-flow worth the drive! Signed optional exits, or short-cuts every 15 min. The best maze for hardcore mazers, families with small children, youth and senior groups. Come get lost!


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Corn Maze Price: Single / 8$ or (4-10 Persons / 7$ Each) Group Discounts call (517) 521.2378. Ages 4 and Under are free.

Trail of Terror Price: Tickets 15$ Friday and Saturday Nights. $20 Combo deal for both Corn Maze and Trail of Terror.

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Corn Maze Hours: September 12 - November 1 (Fridays: 6-10pm | Saturdays: 1-10PM | Sundays 1-9PM)

Trail of Terror Hours: September 26 - November 1 (Friday and Saturday Nights, Tickets on sale until 10:30PM SHARP SO DO NOT BE LATE)

Corn Maze Info CLICK HERE <<

Trail of Terror Info CLICK HERE <<


Posted by Lisa - Woodhaven MI

Had a blast last night at the maze. My two friends and I did the corn maze first, then my friends made me go to the Trail of terror! I'm a big chicken and didn't want to go but I am so glad I did! AMAZING! As soon as I walked into the Vortex tunnel, I turned around and said NOPE, not doing this and the worker was kind enough to let me go through without the special effects. Thank you so kindly. The rest was scary but not gruesome. I loved it, even though my wimpy butt was about to cry at the end from being startled and scared out of my wits...lol! Awesome, awesome, awesome! Thank you!!


The VAULT - Laser Challenge is our latest addition. The room is filled with crossing laser beams at all sorts of angles. Like you have seen in movies where lasers guard something. Only here YOU are the person sneaking through them. As you crawl under, hop over, bend sideways, performing your ninja moves against the clock your friends monitor your progress outside on the large television. Every time you touch a laser a alarm goes off and penalizes your time.

This is $3 per one try, and $5 for 2 tries. This is one thing we can not discount for groups or parties...like we can for the maze. This will be open all of October.


Posted by Tim - Jackson

"You guys rock!  You are definitely the best.  We go to several places each fall every weekend, and hands down no other maze comes close to yours. We go to mazes, haunted hay rides, haunted houses around here and Detroit as we live for this time of year.  And your website is right, most haunted hayrides are a joke. Who knew two good things (hayride & haunt) combined could end up so bad.  We first came here a few years ago and loved the haunt, but when a worker here told us you change all the huge animatronic props in the haunt EVERY year you became our "must do" every year.  We were at another farm and they used a lot of young girls to try to scare us.  Just doesn't work.  Your guys are big and menacing.  AND THEY ACTUALLY SCARE YOU!  We were in heaven!  Our group asks every year now "What weekend are we going to Bestmaze?" it is the highlight of our season.  Sometimes at last minute we decide to skip another place and do your place again in the same year!   Only one we did twice last year!  We have probably been a little rude; at some places we actually tell the people scaring us to go get some training from Bestmaze."